International Customer Resources

International Customer Resources

At Air America Flight Center, we take pride in assisting our international customers with their time building, aircraft rental, and flight training needs.

Important Notice

Visa and TSA Registration Guidelines Apply. Please Note: Air America Flight Center Does Not Facilitate I-20s / Visa Issuance.

License Conversion


Navigating the process of converting a foreign pilot license to an FAA Pilot license is simplified with our assistance. Our team assists with beginning the foreign license validation process, recommending locations to obtain your FAA medical certificate, verification of your visa status and setting up the validation process with a DPE.

Pre-Arrival Preparation

Pilots can initiate the process prior to arrival by verifying the authenticity of their foreign license through the FAA. The recommendation is to begin this process 6-8 weeks in advance of traveling.

Interview and Verification Process

An interview with an FAA Designated Examiner follows, where documentation is reviewed, along with your FAA medical certificate, FAA verification letter, and English fluency is confirmed. At this point a private pilot license is issued based on the foreign pilot certificate. Pilots must carry both FAA and foreign licenses when flying in the U.S. and may need to register with the TSA for further flight training or ratings.

Flight Training

Flexible Payment Options

Air America Flight Center offers flexible payment options for flight training, enabling foreign pilots to pay as they learn. The comprehensive training programs cater to various skill levels, from "first-solo" to the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATPL).

Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements, wording change to: Visa requirements stipulate either a green card or an F-1 visa, with limited exceptions for J-1 or M-1 visas. If a pilot holds any other visa types, they may require specific permission. Pilots must register with the TSA for certain certificates and ratings, undergo fingerprinting, and pay an application fee.

Training Commencement

Training commences upon TSA approval, with any security concerns immediately addressed. Failure to commence training within 180 days of approval necessitates reapplication without new fingerprints.

Time Building

Aircraft Fleet

With one of the largest rental fleets available at the lowest rates in the greater Daytona Beach area. Air America Flight Center is a preferred choice for foreign pilots seeking aircraft for solo flying and time building.

Rental Requirements

To rent an airplane solo, completing an Aircraft Rental Checkout with an Air America Flight Center Designated Instructor and converting a Foreign Pilot License into an FAA Pilot License are required.

Visa Information

While Air America Flight Center cannot issue visas, provided you are in the country legally, you will be able to rent aircraft for time building. There are no limitations on time building and proficiency flying within the visa's validity period in the U.S.

DGCA Recency Program

Program Overview

Air America Flight Center introduced the Indian DGCA Recency Program, which is tailored for Indian pilots holding an FAA commercial license with an instrument rating, aiming to fulfill DGCA recency requirements.

Customized Programs

Customized programs are available upon request, and interested individuals are encouraged to contact us for individual quotes.

Indian DGCA Recency Program

For participation in the Indian DGCA Recency Program, provided you are in the country legally, you will be able to rent aircraft for DGCA Recency. There are no limitations on flying within the visa's validity period in the U.S.


Air America Flight Center pilots have access to exclusive accommodations at partner hotels and apartments, offering special rates. Here are the options available:

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Homewood Suites by Hilton - Daytona Beach Speedway

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2250 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 255-3661

*Sunday - Thursday rates, NOT valid during any special events

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Courtyard Marriott

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