Air America Flight Center is always expanding to accommodate industry demand. Air America Flight Center offers exclusive arrangements with geospatial firms, giving them full access to aircraft for agreed upon terms. This approach allows for Air America to have specific aircraft types available per customer preferences. This arrangement also allows Air America Flight Center to purchase and custom-design aircraft well in advance, more efficiently meeting customer needs and allowing for a variety of customer preferences sensor types.

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    The majority of Air America Flight Center’s imaging fleet currently conducts oblique / orthographic data acquisition, primarily with Cessna 172 Skyhawks and Piper PA-23-250 Aztecs. Oblique imagery offers a unique perspective that will provide your users yet another tool for their geospatial analysis. Air America Flight Center has many years experience with the acquisition and logistics of dealing with oblique sensors.



    We have over 10+ years experience in acquiring orthographic data via our airborne platforms, which gives our customers imagery with a top-down viewpoint. This is one of the major advantages for using Air America aircraft as your airborne platform for data acquisition. This data is ideal for integration into GIS environments.

  • LiDAR


    Air America Flight Center currently has three Piper PA-23-250 Aztecs that operates an Optech Gemini, Optech Galaxy, Reigl LMS-Q680i Sensor for Pictometry International. Air America's pilots and expert LiDAR systems operators are experienced in both wide-area and corridor mapping.



    Air America Flight Center's aircraft have the ability to accommodate a wide-range of sensor types. Air America uses an in-house engineering team to expedite FAA approval of modifications required to accommodate sensor ports for any equipment. Air America offers both permanent designs for most types of sensors as well as temporary designs, allowing for installation and removal of sensors upon request.